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A New Chapter for Donkey from Lonestar 23 RV Park

Donkey and his two friends - from Lonestar 23 RV Park in Weatherford, TX
Donkey and friends in their new home

We've got an update from Lonestar 23 RV Park in Weatherford, TX. Lonestar 23 isn’t just about the fantastic amenities and scenic surroundings – it's also about the new chapter in the life of our beloved donkey, Donkey.

Recently, Donkey had to say goodbye to his pasture mates – two longhorns that were sold to live out their lives in new fields. The separation was tough for our four-legged friend. Our park manager, Angie, welcomed him into her yard, but he was so lonely that he kicked his way free and returned to his old pasture at Lonestar 23 RV Park looking for his longhorn friends.

Donkey needed a companion.

So, Angie brought in two more donkeys to keep Donkey company. Among them was a stunning female painted donkey, and Donkey is smitten. He’s been following her around, braying sweet nothings, trying to win her heart.

It turns out love really can be found in the most unexpected places – even at an RV park in Weatherford, TX.

So, if you're looking for a place to park your RV and experience our community, look no further than Lonestar 23 RV Park. Not only do we offer a welcoming community atmosphere and top-notch amenities such as free laundry, but we also love pets.

Visit us at Lonestar 23 RV Park in Weatherford, TX. You never know – you might just find love, too!


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