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A Donkey's Tale (or Tail...)

Donkey and one of the longhorns at Lonestar 23 RV Park in Weatherford, TX, Parker County
Donkey and One of the Longhorns

Our beloved longhorns have found a new home in another field. While we're sad to see them go, we're happy they’ve gone to a good home.


Meanwhile, our trusty donkey, affectionately known as Donkey (we’re not the most creative bunch) has gone to our RV Park manager Angie’s home to help out with her little coyote problem.

But Donkey decided he wasn't quite ready to part with his longhorn friends.

In an Alcatraz-worthy escape, Donkey broke free from Angie's yard and made a beeline for his old pasture here at the park. We’re baffled and impressed that he was able to find his way back. Clearly, Donkey is smarter than he looks.

We're happy to report that Donkey is safe and sound, thanks to the quick thinking and carrot-wielding skills of our amazing park residents. A big shoutout to all of you who took the time to visit Donkey, keep him company, and ensure he didn't feel too lonely. Your kindness and compassion are what make this community truly special.

But fear not, Donkey won't be alone for long. Angie is on the hunt for a new donkey companion to keep him company and share in his adventures. Which hopefully won’t include knocking down her fence again...

We'll keep you updated on Donkey's new friend and any other developments here at Lonestar23 RV Park in Parker County, TX. Thank you for being a part of our animal-loving community!


Sincerely, The Lonestar23 RV Park Team


P.S. If you refer a new long-term guest to the park, we’ll give you $100 or apply that amount to your next month’s rent.


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